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working toolsTo make the writing process smoother there are many tools available online;

On this post I’m going to show you 22 Powerful Blog Writing Tools That Will Change Your Life

Researching content

To stay informed and up to date I use:



1. Scoopit


listly logo

2. Listly


feedly logo

3. Fedly

Never underestimate Headlines

Headlines are extremely important to bait the user in and make him read further.

Check out these incredible tools to analyze them:

advance marketing logo

4. Advance Marketing Education & Research

This free tool analyzes your headline to determine its Emotional Marketing Value and tells which emotions your headline most impact; it’s amazing;

coschedule logo

5. Coschedule

Still free, it does a full check of your headline;

Length analysis, balance between common, uncommon, emotional and powerful words, suggests changes, plus few more cool insights;

capitalize logo

6. CapitalizeMyTitle

It’s self-explanatory, you put your title in and it capitalizes for you;

If you’re confused about what should be capitalized in your title and what not, this tool is of a great help,

It uses four capitalization styles, Chicago, APA, MLA and AP and each of them use a different capitalization rule;

Having a writer’s block? Do you need ideas?

Try these generators:

hubspot logo

7. Blog Topic Generator

This is a very cool one, fill the 3 text fields and get back 5 blog topics in a matter of seconds;

If you prefer, you can download the Excel sheet which gives you enough ideas for a full year… It’s not perfect, but it helps a lot;

tweak your biz logo

8. Tweakyourbiz

It’s similar to the one from Hubspot but you only submit one word and it will give you back over 300 ideas, some are very funny;


blogabout logo

9. Impact blog title generator

This one as well work very well, you can generate as many ideas as you want and have the list emailed to you;

content idea generator

10. Content Idea Generator

I like this one very much,

You need to go through a fast questionnaire, relevant to the topic you want to write about and once you submit it you will get some very original ideas;

portent logo

11. Portent Title Maker

It’s original and funny, give it a try, it might surprise you, on top of that there are some more resources to help with your writing

Grammar, spelling…

These tools will help you with grammar and spelling and some other aspects of your work;

So here we have:

prowritingaid logo

12. Pro Writing Aid

Beside checking grammar and spelling this software suggests style improvements and alternative worlds;

It gives back a detailed report on your writing, grading grammar, spelling, style, readability, overused word and much more,

It’s impressive; it has a FREE plan and two premium ones for $40 and $45 per year;

ginger logo

13. Ginger

It’s a very complete software, it does grammar check, sentence rephrase, translation and much more,

It has a free version which is pretty functions limited, the premium plans start at $14/month or $6 if paying for the full year,

It can speak to you, worth to check it out;

autocrit logo

14. AutoCrit

Autocrit definitely deserves a visit,

It goes beyond grammar and style, analyses your text from different angles: paragraph pacing and momentum, dialogue, repetition and much more;

Better suited for novel writers, but bloggers as well can get lots of benefits out of it, you can try it for free, if you want to buy the price is 29.97/month

hemingway logo

15. Hemingway

Within my favorites, Hemingway will tell how your writing is, on the go, it’s color coded making it easy to see where you need to change/correct;

The online version is free, the desktop app cost $19.99;

ludwig logo


This is a cool free tool which allows you to compare your sentences with relevant examples coming from a lot of sources,

Plus, it translates, has an interactive dictionary and a special section for idioms,

I love the function that reads back your sentences, you instantly hear if something is wrong;

The blog has some very interesting and informative posts;

spellcheckplus logo

17. Spellcheckplus

It’s a spell/grammar/punctuation checker

Very straightforward, it gives you back a grammar score and the word count, it’s free, it’s fast;

paperrater logo

18. PaperRater

Copy and paste your text and get back a report with highlighted mistakes and suggestions on how to correct them,

Grammar and spelling checker, plagiarism, sentence analysis and readability statistics, no sign up required, fast and easy to use;

Need to count?

character count tool logo

19. Character Count Tool

Character count is a free tool that instantly counts and report the number of characters, with and without spaces, number of words and sentences and few more stats that help to improve the content;

wordcounter logo

20. WordCounter

A collection of Free basic tools, some of them are very cool,

Beside the word counter you have:

  • Words per page, good if you’re doing a book,
  • Web page word count,
  • Alphabetize list,
  • Character count,
  • Random word generator,
  • Capitalize sentences,
  • Editor counter, I love this last one, it tells you how many words your work has decreased or increased after editing;

Editing time

It’s not yet finished;

Before publishing you want to edit and make sure your copy is unique (it should since you’ve just written it);

Still, you don’t want to take the risk to publish duplicated content by coincidence;

To edit and to check for plagiarism, try these:

proofreader logo

21. Proofread Grammar Base

It’s not an automated tool,

Once submitted, your work is proofread and edited for you,

It will take about 3 hours to have it done; price is not fixed and start from $5.45

plagium logo

22. Plagium

Plagium, this online tool allows you to check if the content is unique; it’s Free for text up to 5000 characters


There are much more available and soon I will add to the list!


Which one do you think you will use more?  Were these tips useful at all?

I’m pretty sure¬† some of these tools will end up in your tool kit;

Let me know which one you love, but as well the one you think are worthless;

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