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AffiliatesWay logoWelcome to Affiliates Way,

I want to help you navigate the world of Affiliate Marketing
Before that…

…let me introduce myself

Stefano CrabaMy Story

Behind “Affiliates Way” there is Stefano,
I was born and grown up in Italy but I’ve been bit of a nomad since I’ve finished Uni
I’ve worked few years in banking, got fed up with, changed for scuba diving; I’m an instructor
I will never get fed up with diving but money wise is not the best job;
Creating an online business started for me as a side project but soon became the main one;
Earning money through Affiliate Marketing gave me back the freedom to do what I like, be where I want and to only have one boss: me.

pile of booksWhy do I want to Help People?

When I started it was overwhelming;
so many info, so many gurus, training, and scams;
I only needed few clear blog posts to explain to me how to get started and show me the best tools available;
I’ve found some very good ones eventually but I’ve wasted a lot of time and some money in the process.

The Goal of My Site

Now I want to help you to start your online business and to gain control of your life;
I will show you the steps you need to take and the tools you can use to succeed without wasting time and money
don’t get me wrong though,
you still need to work hard; there is not get rich quick scheme out there that actually works!


Here’s the first tool for you:

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All the best,

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