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Marketing What?

If you’re looking into affiliate marketing, chances are that:

  1. you’re tired/hate your current job;
  2. need to earn some extra money on the side

or you just want to understand what is this thing so many people keep talking about in the web.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Definition: Affiliate marketing is one of the channels that a company can use to sell its products;

by signing up “affiliates”, individuals or companies, who will market the company’s products and earn a commission when a sale is generated.

It’s a very interesting deal for both parties;

this is why:

the company shift part of its marketing effort on the affiliates who are more than happy to take it in, in exchange for a commission but without the need to worry about products stock, delivery, payment and so on.

The company will fix the main rules of the program that the affiliate needs to follow to market the product;

These rules are set so that company and affiliates don’t compete against each other and to protect the company brand and image from any malpractice of the affiliate.

Who can do it?

Affiliate marketing is potentially for anybody,

that does not mean that anybody will make a full income out of it;

there are some requirements in order to succeed in this venture;

first of all it’s essential an internet presence and to have or create a group of followers to whom propose the different products;

these are basic requirements to get started

truth is that:

to turn it into a full time income more tools and strategies need to be implemented.

Why it can be a very interesting activity.

There are many reasons why affiliate marketing can be the right choice for the ones with the right mindset;

It gives the affiliate a big degree of freedom, he can manage his time, decide which products to market based on his personal interests and he can actually generate high incomes;

commissions can be very high and often are recurrent, making the affiliate go in autopilot (the over mentioned passive income);

reality check:

to reach high levels the affiliates need to work hard, especially at the beginning when he needs to learn the ropes;

the get-rich-quick schemes don’t exist, or at least not for the ones who want to stay legit without defrauding others.

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How to get started

It’s actually pretty easy to get started;

finding companies that offer affiliate programs is only a few clicks away,

run a search like: “product type + affiliate program” or similar and the pages will start populating,

as well check the footer of webpages of products you use, often they have an affiliate program;

once you’ve found what you’d like to market, get in contact with the company and see if they agree to affiliate you;


can happen that they decline your application, they will check you out, well your website mainly, and then decide if you are a good fit for them or not;

another option is to join affiliate networks, they work as intermediary between merchants and affiliates taking care of additional services for both parties.

It’s pretty easy to get started with only a minimum effort required; once a merchant accept your application you’re good to go;

strategies vary and you can get as much info and training as you want, more often than not for free…

…but be aware because

there are so many scams out there; money is precious and so is time, choose wisely before giving any of it to anybody who promise magic formulas and training to turn you rich overnight.

Last thoughts

If you’re considering affiliate marketing just make sure to approach it like a real job,

doesn’t matter if you will be doing it from the sofa or even the bed

will still be a job, you’ll need to get experience, you’ll more likely need training and definitely some tool to go with it, everything can be taken from the web, sometime for free some time not; keep your eyes open, be wise and focused and you can change your life.

What is stopping you from starting your online business? What’s not clear?

Let me help you, ask your questions in the comment section.

I’m open to suggestion so let me know if there is any subject of the online business world, that you’ll be like to read about;

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