By | January 18, 2018

You have decided to take control of your life;

to build your online business and earn money trough affiliate marketing;

you’re reading any possible article about it and by now you’re very much informed on the matter;


I think you’ll agree with me when I say…

enough with getting informed! it’s time to take action;

Let me show you How to create a blog in WordPress in 2 lazy minutes


wordpress-logo-Meet WordPress

The first step is always the most complicated;

Good news is:

getting started is actually very easy and once you start you will feel much better;


So, Let’s do it!

Let’s create a brand new Blog in WordPress;


When I first publish this post I was using Wealthy Affiliate to build and host my blogs;

Now I’m using SiteGround which as well has a 1 click button to create a WordPress blog in a blink

you can create blogs, learn how to use WordPress and have access to a lot of training material;

(and yes, that link up there is an Affiliate Link, they pay pretty good commissions for the referrals);


That said, you can of course choose any hosting you like;

Important: in the video you will see me choosing a free domain!

wealthy affiliate free domain

You should NEVER do that,

I’m doing it only because it’s a demonstration;

for your blog, the one you’re going to build a business upon, you definitly want be the owner of the domain!

no other ways;


That said let’s roll and see what happen here:


I’ve chosen:

  • domain name: make it memorable, make it brandable;wealthy affiliate choose domain title theme
  • title for the website; make it meaningful but don’t worry too much, you can change it anytime
  • theme: there are free and premium ones, not all are created equal in terms of features a customization; for the moment don’t worry too much, you can change it later

wealthy affiliate choose theme

Here’s the interesting part…

…hit enter and it’s done;

build this site screen

I’m provided with some login details and I can go to my brand new Blog;

wealthy affiliate admin details

When you create it of course, you will only have the bare structure and, as you add content it will start taking shape;

from here you’ll have access to the back-office of your blog,

I will show you what is what in my next videos and, in no time you will be a WordPress master…

…or at least able to manage your blog by yourself;


Congratulation on creating your first blog;

enjoy this moment!


Once your blog is ready, leave me a comment with your LINK and I will go to check it out and make your own comments section alive;

I’d love to be the first one to leave a message in your blog!


Stay tuned, in my next post I’ll show you how you start to create a soul for your Blog, you’ll be working on Site Identity.


Do you need help with anything? Was this post useful? if you have any question go ahead and ask me!


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