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Let’s Get You Started.

You’ve finally decided to start your online business,

now you need a niche,

unless you want to be the new Amazon.

laptopFirst of All, What Is a Niche?

A niche is a specialized market segment which exist in response to some specific needs;

in other words:

it’s a group of people, an audience whose looking for answers and


solutions to their problems;

if you can provide them with what they need you will be a game winner;

problem solved for them, money earned for you.

Let’s See 3 Tips on How to Find a Good Niche

1 Choose Something You Like!

It’s not a must but it will definitely help you;

You’re going to be writing, reading and researching a lot about the niche,

make sure that it’s about something you’re interested in or love;

truth is:

it’s much easier to answer questions and find solutions for something you like vs something you hate;

and if it’s something you like, chances are that you already have a good knowledge of it which will help a lot when you start;

knowledge will grow exponentially with time and you’ll end up being an expert on your niche very fast.

2 Make Sure That the Niche Is Profitable

marketing pad

People buy the craziest sh*t online but for some products the margin could be very low so, be careful;

you want to make sure to be in a niche that can generate some money; remember it’s going to be your job,

you’ll be investing time and money, you must be able to break even as soon as possible and to profit a second later;

research, evaluate commissions and potential sales volumes; some of this data are easy to find and will give you an idea on the potential of your niche.

3 Research

Go to the hottest market places;

check Amazon, Clickbank, Google trending, Yahoo trending, any trending…, Facebook, Twitter…

see what people are buying, talking about, looking for;

you’ll be amazed to find some of the weirdest, interesting and profitable niches ever;

Truth is mate:

Niche research is way too complicated than this but this is a starting point;

these 3 simple tips are  pretty powerful and will allow you to find a direction.


you should check out they do provide niche research and reports for their members.

Workplace with notebook on black backgroundYou Set the Limit.

Remember there are infinite niches out there,

there is not right or wrong, it’s just about following the right strategy and get connected to your audience;

do that and you can make a living out of it;

of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one niche; once you learn how to do you can just replicate in a brand-new one.

Join the Pieces Up.

There are few more pieces to put together to have an online business up and running and we will discuss them all in the next posts;

What are you waiting for to start your online business? What is it stopping you? What are your doubts? Let me help you to get started and if you have any doubts or need any help just ask! Use the comment box or send me an email, I’ll be glad to help you.


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