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Now that the blog it’s up and running, you need to start building a soul for it,

you want to make sure that Title, Tagline, and Tab Icon are properly set;

These are 3 important elements of your blog so you want to think through about them and definitely, you want to know where to go if you want to modify them;

Watch the video and the slides to learn How to Modify WordPress Site Identity in the blink of an eye;


Start at the Customize button

From the admin view of your blog, you need to hit the Customize button and you’re ready to go,

WordPress Customize button position

To modify  Title, Tagline, and Tab Icon enter the Site Identity section and game on;

Site Identity bottom position

Keep in mind:

Site title:

It should describe in an accurate a concise way what the page is about;
remember that it’s displayed in:

  • search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • web browser
  • social networks

keep it under 60 characters and don’t stuff it with keywords (use them wisely)

WordPress site title text field


It needs to briefly describe your site’s content;
it’s complementary to the Title and especially when the Title is somehow original it will give context to it and help users to understand what the site is about,
like for the title use keywords but in a natural way, don’t push it, could be a dangerous game and you can get penalized for it,
again, keep it under 60 characters;

WordPress Tagline text field

Site icon (aka favicon)

When the user has hundreds of tabs open, your tab icon will help him to find back your site,
it also helps to build a brand for your blog;


WordPress Site Icon change button


When all is good you just hit the publish button to save your changes;

you can come back to modify these elements at any time;

Peace of cake, right?

Is everything clear? Do you need any help at this stage? Let me know by leaving a comment!
Are you ready to see how to publish your first post?

Stay tuned I’ll be publishing very soon.

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