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You Have a Niche

Now that you have found your niche you can relax…

…or get down to work and make some money.

People like you, who are starting the journey are overwhelmed with information and do two things:

  • quit before starting because it’s too complicated,
  • keep researching and digging until they find one source which makes sense.

I’m going to help you out here, telling you What you’ll need to get started.


How to Start Your Online Business


wordpress logoDownload WordPress

It’s your employee number 1


What Is It?

It’s a FREE content management system used to design and publish websites without needing to know any HTML;

It gets better:

choose any template, “theme“, modify and customize it depending on your need and taste, and game on;

Want to know the best part?

if you need more specific functions for your website you can install different plug-ins that will provide all the extra features you’re looking for;


choose your WordPress theme;


wordpressthemeWhat Is a Theme?

A theme is the collection of files that will make up the look and functionality of your website;

This is crazy:

you can have FREE themes and there are thousand to choose from…

…or you can opt for a premium one

FREE themes are:

  • free
  • light
  • fast loading
  • support thousand of plug-ins
  • easy to download
  • usually are not supported,
  • with limited functionalities
  • not original, your website will look like thousand more, sorry but it’s the price to pay to have it free

Premium themes are:

  • super-functional
  • supported and updated
  • original
  • often expensive
  • sometimes heavy to load

you can choose the FREE themes straight from your dashboard

theme screen print

Want to know where to look for premium ones?

check these out:


What’s Next?



What Is It?

A web host is a business that provides the services needed for a website to be viewed in the internet;

the web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to all devices connected to the internet.

What’s the Bottom Line?

To publish your website you need to sign up for a web hosting service, there are thousand available, so choose one that offer good support and little or no downtime


How Much It Cost?

Prices varies starting from a couple of dollars per month up

Do you need a link to find one?

I give you 13

the web host will require you to own your own Domain to register with them,

more often than not they can help with the purchase of one;

You might be wondering?


domainamesWhat Is a Domain?

It’s the unique name that identifies a website,

each website has a domain name which is the address used to access the website;

when you access a website the domain name is translated to an IP address which identifies the server where the website is located;

It’s not over yet:

all domain have a suffix .com .it .us .org .net etc… the function of the suffix is that it helps identify the type of website, .com for commercial, .org for organization, .it for Italy and so on…

…but not all suffix and domains have the same price;


How Much It Cost?

start at less than a dollar per year and up depending on the name;

truth is:

domain trading is a business on its own!

Most host providers will be able to sell you a domain or to facilitate the purchase;

check these out to chose yours:


graphics pictureImages and Graphics

You want to use visuals in your website but you don’t want to infringe copyright,

if looking for images or graphics check these out, some are free and some are cheap:


at emailAutoresponder and Email List Building

You will read it over and over again,

the money is in the list! (join mine now!)

You might be wondering:

How do I collect email addressed?

There are many options of course and I’ve put down few for you to check out:


Your visitors will not give you their email addresses just because you ask;

so, How do I capture those emails?

Well you do need some help,

check the links below and look your lists growing


Almost Done


you’ve set up a good looking website,

it’s hosted with a brandable name,

you know where to find images and graphics and you’re ready to collect email addresses to build your lists…


…time to write content but let’s talk about that on the next article;


Did you check out any WP theme yet? Which one are you going for? what about the domain? have you found the proper one for your niche? let us know and don’t be shy, if you need any help ask us!

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