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The Mission

Your mission is to have a lot of unique and original content on your website,

you will read this piece of advice over and over again…

…and it’s true!

so let’s see few blogging tips on how to write content for your website.


if you want to rank, provide value to your audience, increase your traffic, you must give them something to devour

and doing that, it’s not that easy;


There are actually many reasons:

you are probably not a very good writer;

maybe your not native on the language you’re writing in (this is me, and I know you can notice);

or it could be that you’re very slow typing (you know the one finger type?)

it gets worse:

it’s not just about the writing;

writing the post down could actually be pretty fast, but what about the research phase?

pile of booksThe research

yes, the research!

because no matter how well-informed and skilled you are on the topic, still you will need to do some research;

researching can be fun but it can be very time-consuming;

are you familiar with this?

insert your keyword in the search field, hit enter and there you have millions of results;

you stick to the first two pages of the results ( 99% stick to the first), open multiple tabs in your browser and start reading, closing, opening some more;

it can take hours to go through to all the material in front of you and once you select the good ones,

guess what?

you want to double check to verify that the data are real…

…and there you are, doing a bit more;

Free tools

But you’re lucky because there are few free tools that can help you to go much faster;

feedly logoscoopit-logoto research and stay updated with the last news on my favorites topics I like Feedly and, they both have a free plan;

you set them up with your preferences and they will give you more than enough material to refer to,

you still need Google of course, but keep an eye on those two and you could save a lot of time;

once you’ve gathered all the info it’s time to write them down and create your beautiful post;


the more you can structure it, the easy and faster it’s gonna be;

You must decide what kind of piece you’re writing about,

is it a How to? a list? a case study? a product review?

you should create templates for each type of recurring kind of content you will create;

after that it will be only matter of filling the blanks with the info you have;


By now you’ve noticed that I love tools and you should too;

they can make the difference between passing all day in front of the screen or having few beers in the evening;

for writing, you should definitely try Hemingway, hemingway logo

it’s a writing editor that tells you how your piece is coming, on the go;

it’s color-coded and it highlights sentences that need improvement, spelling and grammar mistakes;

One more that you should check out is Writewell, writewell-logo

Writewell has many ready to use templates where you literally only fill the blanks, but of course, you can create and save your own;

and to make your life easier you can add the grammar checker Grammarly to the editor.

Format matters

Your content must be readable, so break it down into short paragraph; make it engaging and write it for your reader and not for you,

use subheadings, use bold and italic if needed and link out to interesting sources ( make those links to open in a new tab, you don’t want your readers to ever leave your page);

when you think you’ve finished take a short break and then you start editing;

don’t cry too much looking at the word count going down in this phase;

to keep your reader with you…

…you need to get rid of all accessories you’ve put around the topic;

if you have a proofreader you’re a winner!

wordsWords count

Does word count count?

yes and not;

statistics say that an over 1000 words piece is what bring in more clicks but it actually depends on the topics and on the kind of audience you have;

200 words which give a solution to a problem are worth more than 2000 words describing the problem.

If you want to learn and you have time there are thousands of resources online which offer techniques, tips, training programs and whatever you need or want,

go, have a look and why not, enroll in a course,

but like anything else the most important thing is that you take action;

start writing, producing, reading, researching and if you’re consistent you’re gonna improve very fast,

your website will grow and monetize and you will be soon hiring writers because you won’t have any time left for writing yourself.

hourglassWriting Challenge

I want to challenge you, go to set it on 30 min and write as much as you can on a predefined topic;

not worry too much about spelling and grammar, just unleash your inner writer and see what you come up with;

how did it go? was it good? are you a writing machine or not? did you get stuck at some point or could you go straight until the alarm went off? why did you get stuck? missing info? worried about the structure, the grammar?

Analyze what went wrong and find a way to fix it so the next time you won’t be stuck for the same reason;

I’d love to read your piece of work as soon as possible, send me a link or paste it into the comment section;

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