By | December 20, 2017

content basicsTime to create content

If all the technicalities are sorted out, it’s time to create content for your audience;

this is going to be one of the most important tasks so let’s see the basic on how to write content for your website.

Focusing on your Audience

Always keep in mind who you are writing for, tailor your content for your target audience and put yourself in their shoes; is what they’re looking for available and easy to find in your page? If the answer to this question is no, well they will leave after about 10 seconds; so, make sure to write relevant and useful content;

At the beginning it’s easier to talk about ourselves and our experiences and that is how you will kill your page; people don’t care, they’re looking to solve their own problems and want answers and solutions, the fastest you serve them the better; be clear and specific don’t let them wander and force them to read between the lines to find what they’re looking for.

The importance of Headlines

The headline is the bait to hook them up to your page or post, it has to be powerful and meaningful otherwise they will not bite; almost everybody will read the headline but only few will go on to read the rest, if the headline is not good then absolutely nobody will read your copy.

typewriterKeep it simple

Write in an easy and understandable way; avoid difficult words and long sentences; you are not writing a new literature masterpiece; you’re providing your audience with answers, you’re are creating value for them and it must be easy to get;

make small paragraphs and use sub headlines to introduce what follows but without giving away too much; they will work wonders for the people who just skim trough the page,

add visual to your text, videos, images and infographics are very powerful tools which help to make a point and to have people sticking around your page.

Proofreading is not an option

You’re a human being so it will happen to do few mistakes, but still make sure to proofread before you publish, there are tools to double check style and grammar, find them and use them.

red-hands-woman-creativeBe original

It’s true that any subject has already been discussed, that someone else has already written about it and more likely better than you could ever do; but that doesn’t entitle you to copy; be original, do your research and write about the topic from your perspective and with your own words; people and especially Google will eventually realize if you’re copying around and you will be punished; your audience is not going to trust you any longer, which translate into zero chances of making any kind of sales, and Google will not rank your website, as a result nobody will find your pages in the net and again not chances to make any sales.

These are the very basics on how to write content for your website, you don’t really need anything too complicated and if your content provides value to your audience they will come back, trust you and eventually they will buy almost anything you offer them.

Leave a comment if you want some more tips on how to write powerful content, how to get ideas for strong headlines or where to find some tools to help you out with this fundamental task.

Stay tuned for the next coming post, with much more tips and recommendation to build and run your online business.

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