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Let’s go straight to the point:
What’s a plugin?
It’s a piece of software that extend functionality and features to your webpage;

the software use PHP functions to integrate with WordPress
… and PHP is a programming language which you don’t really need to learn but…
…if you do, you can create your own Plugins.

How to Add Plugins in WordPress in 1m 32s

Watch the video and see how is easy to add, install and activate a plugin

let’s be honest here
Wordpress without plugins it’s not very attractive and functional

The good news is:
there is a plugin for anything;
to make the page pretty, fast, secure, add buttons, tables…
…and on and on;

Whatever you can think of…

… “There is a plugin for that”, this is a popular saying in the WordPress community,.

How many Plugins do you need?

There are over 50000 free plugins in the WordPress directory and of course, you can find some premium ones as well

WordPress Plugins page

It’s very important to have some of them, like back-up and SEO for instance;

for others, it depends on what kind of site you have and what you want it to do.

How many plugins should you download?

It depends on your needs, there is no a limit on how many you can have;

there is a bit of discussion on the web about this;
you’ll come across articles saying that too many plugins can slow down your website;

this is only true for bad plugins; they can slow down your page and make it misbehave somehow;

that’s why you should spend few minutes to research a bit about the plugin before downloading it.

Choosing the Right Plugins

When choosing a plugin check:plugins evaluation points

  • rating of course;
  • popularity, if millions of people already have it chances are that it’s good;
  • reviews, especially the bad ones to know what problems you could get;
  • the last update, if it’s not been updated for a while it’s not a good sign;
  • is there any support available?

Using Your Plugins

It’s super fast to download and activate a new plugin;

you can access and configure it straight from the Dashboard even if very often they’re ready to use;

plugins buttons
Plugins update availableyou will see a notification when there is an update available and once downloaded you can almost forget about it
they will quietly work in the back for your page;
if you want to deactivate or delete them it only takes a couple of clicks

I’m not going to make a list of the best Plugins in this post because I want you to let me know which are your favorite ones and why;

just leave a comment,

Let me know if you have any doubts or need any help with Plugins and as usual:


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How to add Plugins in WordPress
How to add Plugins in WordPress

Tutorial on how to search, add, activate and update Plugins in WordPress

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