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You should be exited because you’re about to publish your first blog post!

Publishing time

In the previous post you’ve seen how to customize your “site identity”;
Today you will finally proceed to publish your first post;

But before doing that you will get rid of the default post from WordPress: the famous “Hello World

Just like that:

From your Dashboard go to:

  1. Post
  2. Select the post

select the post

Then you have two alternatives:

  1. Select Move to Trash from the drop-down window and Click Apply ( useful when you have to delete multiple posts)
  2. Click  Trash just below the Post name

trash the post


The videos

There are two videos in this post;

In the first one you will see:

  • How to delete a post
  • How to publish a post

In the second one, you will see the functions of the text editor

To write your post you can decide to go straight to the WP editor or copy and paste from wherever your content is;


I don’t want to waste too much of your time,
so, go ahead and watch the video:

Piece of cake!

In the video you saw me adding an image to the post;
and you should do too when you create your content;

I will have a specific video, all about Images so for the moment don’t worry too much about that;

If you want to format the text a bit you have few tools in the editor;
I’m assuming that you know how to use a text editor so the video will quickly show you the available functions and where they are,
have a look:


If you’re fast typing and don’t want to leave the keyboard here are some shortcuts

Visual Post Editor Keyword Shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts table

 Plain Text Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re somehow confident with HTML you might be using the Plain Tex Editor

Here are the few available shortcuts :

Plain Text editor keyboard shortcuts


How did you like the videos? Is everything clear? Do you use any of the shortcuts? which one? Need me to explain you anything in particular; ask in the content section;

next time we will talk about plugins

stay tuned and as usual…
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Publishing your first blog
Publishing your first blog

How to easily publish a blog in WordPress

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