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OnlyWire Review

onlywire-logoDo you want to save a lot of time on your daily schedule?
How much time do you use every day to manage your social media networks?
If you’re updating them one per time, whatever your routine is, then you’re wasting a lot of precious time;
you need a tool that let you manage them all together;

Main Features

OnlyWire is a Powerful Social Media Automation Tool, a software that makes you post, comment, engage, analyse all your social network from a single dashboard.

OnlyWire – Publish everywhere

OnlyWire submits your content to multiple social networks with one click,
it’s optimized for over 40 leading social media sites;
you can analyse each channel at glance, reply and engage with your audience;

Marketers, agecies, content providers, can manage campaigns and clients with this automated tool.

How much is it?


What I like

The browser extension that allow sharing anything any time;
scheduling posts without passing from the dashboard;
the tab for engaging and replying to all your followers comments;
the WordPress plugin that automatically share your new blog content

What I don’t like

It happened a couple of times that I had to reconnect the networks due to some internal error,
it’s not possible to customize by topics the trending articles tab;
Live support is only for the Enterprise plan


The alternative is Buffer,
the main difference is the color for the design of the two website,orange vs black;
beside that the two are very similar in functionality and price, at least for the basics plans,
if you’re running a bigger team OnlyWyre is cheaper.


OnlyWire is easy to use and covers all my needs;
I keep my social networks alive and rich in content straight from the browser;
the easy to read analytics in the dashboard helps me to keep everything under control;
the price is very fair considering service and support offered,
it’s a very powerful tool which save me a lot of time.

==>Go NOW to OnlyWire and try this powerful tool<==

Do you like Onlywire? let us know in the comment section and if you have any doubts just ask us!

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2 Replies to “OnlyWire a Powerful Social Media Automation Tool – Review”

  1. Dr. Doug

    Great overview of Onlywire. I had not heard of it before. One question, can the user schedule their posts to be published at different times through the week? My understanding is that social media platforms don’t like it if the postings are automated and might penalize you in some way. Otherwise, it does a lot for a free program.

    1. Stefano Craba Post author

      Hi Dr. Doug and thanks for your comment,
      yes you can schedule your posts the way it best suit you, there are no limitations whatsoever from the application; regarding the social media penalizing you, there are discussions about it but not certainty on the matter; this is an interesting article if you want to have a look
      so we should be ok using our favorite tool to automate our posts, if you try onlywire let me know how you find it;
      thanks again and best regards


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