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Have you noticed how everybody looks or pretend to be an expert on affiliate marketing?

How everybody seems to know the secrets to make money online?

You must be wondering…

…are there so many experts out there or most of them are con artists?

And on top of that…

…How can it be that everything is FREE?

In this post I will explain you the secrets of the secrets that will clear your mind;

after you can navigate without fear among the bazillion offers you came across every day on the web and you too will know the Affiliate marketing secret experts hate to give for free

These are the 3 main points of the post:

  • Experts and Secrets
  • the magical of FREE
  • Scams


You are an expert and you know the secrets; this is a fact;

you might think differently but even if you are just starting with your online business you have already gathered enough information and knowledge that you can call yourself an expert;

I’m sure you’re with me on this one…

…You already know much more than 90% of the people out there about your niche and how to monetize your web page;

and you’re already in position to teach few tricks of the business;

Now, this is important:

to be an expert you don’t need to dominate your subject field, you only need to know a bit more than your audience;

Truth is…

… Help them with their immediate problem and you’ll be their Expert;

and you know what?

if at any moment they need some more in-depth knowledge you just go and get it from your own personal Expert;

you know where to find it!

At AffiliatesWay of course, if it’s about affiliate marketing;

to any of your others trusted and bookmarked sources for anything else;

or just Google it!

The bottom line is:

Expert is a powerful word that everybody uses to get people to listen to them;

if you can help somebody else with your information you’ll be the Expert,

if someone helps you, well he’s your Expert


about the secrets,

Let me lift the veil for you…

…there are not so many secrets;

there are methods and strategies to do business which can be more or less effective,

and the secret is that everybody will try to sell his strategies to you even if they are secret;

the word secret is one of those meaningful strong words that get people attention and makes them want to read forward;

everybody is curious and can’t resist knowing a secret even if deep inside he knows that if it’s online can’t be so much of a secret;

Want to know the best part?

The word “secret” is only another example of a powerful words that you use in your content to get your audience attention and lead it to make an action;

check this post from Smartblogger where you will find a list of 317 powerful words!


You must be wondering…

…If everybody is an expert ready to tell you all the secrets,

how do you choose your sources? who do you trust?

well at the beginning it’s not going to be too easy to find the right ones, but the best thing you can do is simply to read a lot,

trust your guts and don’t get bored;

you will go through different kind of sources and more likely follow some kind of training,

I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate to train myself on the basic of Affiliate Marketing;

but don’t limit yourself to only one training platform, open your mind, have a 360 degrees view and get as much info as you can,

training is good, teach you the basic but then you need to put some of yours in it to make it special,

find websites which speak about affiliate marketing and follow their blog,

to find the most relevant try using:

also, you can check the blogs of the main Affiliate Networks, they are full with useful info,

and have a look to the ones of the main online marketing tools out there, their blogs are fantastic, you will learn a lot;

You guessed it…

they will try to sell you their product at the same time but by now you know the rules of the game:

to get people buying they need to provide value for free,

one of the ways is through their blog, which is well written and with much more info than you can digest and need;

The ones I always go back to and refer are:

Besides being full of relevant info they are kind of funny and with appealing graphics;

I need something easy to read and understand fast, so the ones with few jokes here and there are my best choice;

Get it now, it’s FREE

Everything seems to be free! it’s wonderland, how comes everybody is so bloody nice?

My mum used to tell me all the time not to take anything from strangers, you never know what they want from you and what they gonna give you;

was she right?

yes, and no

in the online world more no than yes;

there are a lot of free gadgets, that’s true;

No matter your budget, get as many freebies as you can,


because soon you will be the one giving free stuff away,

so, analyze them,

what are they? how are they offered, what value do they deliver, if any…

Free it’s the bait that every marketer uses to get people on his list; they use documents, training, reports, limited features software, and services;

whatever they think is valuable and good enough to bond you to them so that later on they can sell you some other product;

Good or not that’s the way is working now;

Take advantage of it, take everything you need, use it and be aware that yes is free but for a reason;

be happy to subscribe to hundreds of lists;

your inbox will fill like crazy but there is a lot to learn from the emails you receive;

it’s another way to look how competition and big players do their campaigns and can be of big inspiration for you;

you can model the ones you like for your own campaigns;

so, start taking notes,

  • how often do you receive them?
  • how do they address you?
  • How’s the headline?
  • the copy?
  • which autoresponder do they use?

and so on…

You will see a pattern, they’re not all the same but they do follow a similar structure;

if you can see it, it will help you very much when you’re sending out your own;

remember in this business you don’t want to reinvent anything;

you want to add your personal touch to already proven strategies;

that’s why, once you find them, you should stick with your mentor/platform/ sources, be consistent, don’t look for new ones every other day;


because it won’t change too much, everybody will give you more or less the same things, they will just present them in a different way;

and Always:

be aware and stay away from Scams!


if they are asking for money up front, more likely is a scam;

if they are promising money very fast, same deal.

You see my point, right?

As soon as you read money, be on alarm, especially when you have to give;

Joining affiliate programs and networks is free; there are no fees so, if you stumble in one which asks money to join in, steer away;

if they promise you to make 1,10,100 dollar a day from day 1 or the like, something is wrong, again, steer away;

If you are not sure, do your homework and some research,

Ask in forums and check them in these websites for instance:

Are you ready to reveal your own secrets?

So tell me now, who is your favorite Guru? and what’s the free tool that you’re using the most? your favorite blog? let me know and if you have any question don’t hesitate and ask me, use the comment section!

stay tuned, next post will be out soon!

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